AJM Packaging Corporation

Company Type: Manufacturing

Company Industry: Paper products and Consumer goods

Student Opportunities

AJM Packaging Corporation is currently looking for: Junior and Senior level students!

AJM Packaging Corporation is looking to fill a(n): Internship and Full-Time position!

About AJM Packaging Corporation

Company Bio:

AJM Packaging Corporation is a leading manufacturer of converted paper products, including paper plates, cups, bowls, bags, sacks and specialty items under both its own label, as well as, national labels. The client base of AJM Packaging Corporation consists of major grocery, drug and discount retailers and wholesalers, warehouse clubs, convenience stores, as well as, institutional, food service and fast food companies, and various distributor accounts. Founded over sixty years ago and operating from its headquarters in Bloomfield Hills, MI, AJM Packaging Corporation continues to thrive as it moves confidently into the future.

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