CH Robinson

Company Type: Logistics

Company Industry: Supply Chain

Company Address: 1840 N Marcey St ChicagoIL 60614 United States

Company Locations: Chicago, Illinois

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CH Robinson is currently looking for: Junior and Senior students!

CH Robinson is looking to fill a(n): Internship and Full-time positions!

About CH Robinson

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Supply chain customers and professionals from around the world say our people offer the best service, reliability, and communication in the industry (Inbound Logistics). If you are the type of person who only wants to work for the best and settle for nothing less, look no further.

Every day, the world as we know it is changing — shifts in trade patterns, consumer behavior and the economy have tremendous impact on global supply chains. Our customers choose us because we have a brand fueled by more than 13,000 employees with intense entrepreneurial drives. We are passionate, innovative, and competitive. We are helping to shape the future of third-party logistics.

With dozens of services and areas of expertise, it’s likely we have just the position you’ve been wanting. So start your search today. Read about our culture. Explore our job postings. Watch our videos. You’ll quickly discover that at C.H. Robinson, we’re offering you more than a job: our teams offer a truly unique way to accelerate your professional experience and leadership through every stage of your career.

Our dynamic Accelerator onboarding program will jumpstart your knowledge of C.H. Robinson and our industry, help you excel in our culture, and ensure your proficiency in our systems and processes. You will be immersed in an interactive and highly educational experience that combines classroom and hands-on sales training. After joining a sales team, you will focus your training for six months with a mix of learning activities to make you confident and skilled as you perform your job. You will come out of this experience ready to be a part of the success at C.H. Robinson. We want you to be more than a crucial element to our customers and carriers – we want you to be a high-performing member of our team.

After Accelerator training, you will have the ability to choose your career path in either customer sales or carrier sales. In either sales role with C.H. Robinson, you will have the opportunity to develop, maintain, and grow relationships with our customers or carriers to deliver supply chain and logistics solutions. You will be selling for the industry leader, and you’ll be backed by people, process, and technology that are second-to-none. Better yet, you will be provided with the training, tools, and resources needed to consistently win new business. As you start your sales career with C.H. Robinson, you will be in daily contact with a variety of clients, working to build relationships, analyze their business, and assess how a relationship with C.H. Robinson will meet their needs. Through this fast-paced, high-energy role, you will make an impact on the global supply chain every day.

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