Corning Incorporated

Company Type: Manufacturing and Technology

Company Industry: Consumer Products, Life Science, IT/Telecom, Environmental

Company Address: 1 Riverfront Plaza CorningNew York 14831, United States

Company Locations: Corning, NY and Hickory, NC

Student Opportunities

Corning Incorporated is currently looking for: Junior, Senior and Graduate level students!

Corning Incorporated is looking to fill a(n): Internship and full-time positions!

About Corning Incorporated

Company Bio:

Are you interested in life changing innovation? As with Thomas Edison, we have a history of working with the world’s greatest innovators. We solve our customers’ most complex problems that others can’t or won’t. Collaboration, Innovative Spirit and Career Development are just a few of the reasons world class professionals choose Corning Incorporated for a career.

Corning is the world leader in specialty glass, ceramics and life sciences, creating and manufacturing keystone components that enable high-technology systems.

Corning’s history is filled with breakthrough technologies that have played an important role in the way the world works. We thrive on solving difficult, commercially relevant problems through an innovative and collaborative research and development process. Corning succeeds through sustained investment in R&D, more than 160 years of materials science and process engineering knowledge, and a distinctive collaborative culture.

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