GE Aviation

Company Type: Manufacturing

Company Industry: Aviation

Company Address: 3290 Patterson Ave SE Grand RapidsMI 49512, United States

Company Locations: Several

Student Opportunities

GE Aviation is currently looking for: FreshmenSophomore and Junior students!

GE Aviation is looking to fill a(n): Internship and Co-Op positions!

About GE Aviation

Company Bio:

GE is a world-leading provider of aviation jets, turboprop engines, and components as well as avionics, electrical power and mechanical systems for aircraft. The business has also advanced digital and software capabilities that are driving productivity in the aviation industry.

When your job is to deliver what the world needs, there is no room for busy work. GE interns and leadership program participants work to solve real-world challenges, sometimes spurring innovations that change the way we do business. GE is hiring pioneers, problem solvers, dreamers & leaders across the globe. A majority of our interns & co-ops are hired into our prestigious leadership programs and other entry level positions.

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