Honda Aircraft Company

Company Type: Aerospace Engineering

Company Industry: Aviation

Student Opportunities

Honda Aircraft Company is currently looking for: Senior level students!

Honda Aircraft Company is looking to fill a(n): Internship, Co-Op and Full-Time position!

About Honda Aircraft Company

Company Bio:

At Honda, we believe in the power of dreams as an astonishing force that inspires innovation and drives accomplishment. Our dreams compel us to design with wonder and engineer with science. For sixty years we have channeled the power of dreams toward a common goal: advancing human mobility. Honda Products have moved millions of people from place to place all over the world. But the dawn of a new century brought with it a new dream to expand our definition of mobility beyond the bounds of land and sea. We sought the sky. With HondaJet we achieved it. HondaJet marks a new era in our company’s history, an era in which the power of dreams will define the future of aviation and introduce a more advanced way to fly. We welcome you to join us.

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