Kao USA, Inc.

Company Type: Manufacturing

Company Industry: Consumer Goods

Company Address: 2535 Spring Grove Ave CincinnatiOH 45214, United States

Company Locations: Cincinnati, OH

Student Opportunities

Kao USA, Inc. is currently looking for: Senior and Graduate students!

Kao USA, Inc. is looking to fill a(n): Internship, Co-Op and full-time positions!

About Kao USA, Inc.

Company Bio:

There is no company quite like Kao. We lead the beauty industry with distinctive brands and a history of innovation, along with our Japanese heritage. We work to enhance the unique strengths and values of our beauty care brands through our business foundation of Yoki-Monozukuri. This foundation allows us to offer products that meet the needs of our consumers by carefully studying the diverse range of people’s lifestyles and responding to changing needs and desires.
At Kao, we understand that our people are one of our core assets, and we strive for a working environment which allows our team members to flourish and grow. We encourage and recognize what’s powerful and unique in our employees, so they can reach their full potential and help to deliver the quality products that help people thrive throughout the world.


Learn more at http://www.kaocareers.com!