Mastronardi Produce / Sunset Produce

Company Type: Grower / Marketer of Greenhouse-grown produce

Company Industry: Agriculture

Company Address: 28700 Plymouth Road LivoniaMI 48150, United States

Company Locations: Livonia, MI; Coldwater, MI; Kingsville, ON

Student Opportunities

Mastronardi Produce / Sunset Produce is currently looking for: Junior and Senior students!

Mastronardi Produce / Sunset Produce is looking to fill a(n): Internship and full-time positions!

About Mastronardi Produce / Sunset Produce

Company Bio:

Founded in 1954 and headquartered in Kingsville, Ontario, Mastronardi Produce Ltd. is a privately owned company that grows, markets, and distributes greenhouse-grown vegetables marketed most commonly under the SUNSET brand.

Inspired by Flavor
The company’s products mainly include tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers; it takes extreme pride in delivering quality, premium product to its customers. Mastronardi performs ongoing, worldwide searches for the highest flavored seed varieties. Once found, these varieties are grown by the company in over two thousand owned and/or contracted acres of greenhouse. They are, then, packaged in premium, environmentally friendly materials and shipped to nearly all of the largest national and regional food retailers in North America and to selected retail sites in Japan. Mastronardi operates distribution centers in Kingsville; in Livonia, Michigan; in Salinas, California; and in Lakeland, Florida.

Commitment to Food Safety
Mastronardi’s Department of Food Safety is one of its most important departments. Sunset has strict procedures in place to ensure that we deliver the highest quality, freshest, cleanest produce possible. We monitor every step of produce movement from seed to store and quickly resolve potential problems before our products reach the marketplace.

Employee Non-Negotiable Traits
The professional and human qualities that the company expects from its workforce include five non-negotiable traits that are widely communicated in various ways:

1. Passionate
People who are enthusiastic, take pride in their work, demonstrate drive to succeed, and all the while holding themselves accountable for their personal performance.

2. Integrity
Loyal and reliable individuals who conduct themselves in a moral, ethical and trustworthy manner

3. Self-Motivated/Determined
Those who are driven, disciplined, and proactive in every aspect of their daily responsibilities.

4. Team Player
Individuals who make a conscious decision to serve the greater good of our company and its employees, even when those actions do not serve their own personal best interests.

5. Professional
Those who are always respectful and optimistic, skillful in their positions, and level-headed in their decision making, while being properly presentable, even when it may be a difficult situation.

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