Quick Release

Company Type: Product Data Management and Consultancy

Company Industry: Automotive

Company Address: 712 Abbot Road, East LansingMI 48823 United States

Company Locations: Dearborn, MI

Student Opportunities

Quick Release is currently looking for: Graduate level students!

Quick Release is looking to fill a(n): Full-Time position!

About Quick Release

Company Bio:

Change is happening fast. Competitors are moving faster. And yet automotive processes are slow and systems outdated, overwhelmed by the complexity of data. With digitisation, connectivity, mobility and autonomous cars disrupting the market globally, the complexity is only set to increase.

We release engineering and automotive professionals from the burden of product data management and the drain of underperforming programmes, freeing them to create, innovate and get products to market faster.

It’s a winning formula for success; optimising data, systems and people. And because we’ve built a profession focusing exclusively on this, the product data quality is the best it can be.

We also like to take a Quite Refreshing approach to every challenge. It’s this different way of doing things that gets results. We immerse ourselves in every minute detail of data, using intelligent tools and a hands-on approach, providing solutions that solve your problems today, and future-proof your tomorrow.

Continued growth means that we always have opportunities for both fresh graduates and experienced professionals to join the team. Experience of the automotive industry is not essential, nor do you have to be an engineering graduate to enjoy an incredibly rewarding career with Quick Release. If you like solving problems, and have an energy and enthusiasm for whatever you do, then please take a look at the opportunities!

To learn more go to http://www.quickrelease.co.uk!