Rivian Automotive

Company Type: Automotive

Company Industry: Automotive

Company Address: 35796 Veronica St LivoniaMI 48150, United States

Company Locations: Livonia, MI; Chicago, IL

Student Opportunities

Rivian Automotive is currently looking for: Senior and Graduate students!

Rivian Automotive is looking to fill a(n): Internship and full-time positions!

Rivian Automotive offers International Sponsorship!

About Rivian Automotive

Company Bio:

At Rivian, we’re reimagining what mobility can be. Beyond redesigning the automobile, we’re rethinking the entire ecosystem. From excitement to sustainability, utility to comfort, we’re working to deliver joyful mobility experiences without the pain points of today.

Our diverse team shares an innate curiosity for the world, a willingness to see things differently, and a passion for getting things done. We never stand still in our pursuit of progress, and we’re looking for the best and brightest talent to accelerate our vision toward future mobility.

Rivian has development centers in Detroit and San Francisco, as well as a production facility in Normal, Illinois, where our manufacturing operations will be based. The development of our first set of products is well underway, with the alpha prototypes complete and testing in process.

Learn more at http://www.rivian.com!