Company Type: Transportation and Logistics

Company Industry: Transportation

Company Address: 301 W. Fourth Suite 200 Royal OakMichigan 48067 United States

Company Locations: Royal Oak, MI

Student Opportunities

RPM is currently looking for: Freshmen, Sophomore, JuniorSenior and Graduate level students!

RPM is looking to fill a(n): Internship and Full-time positions!

About RPM

Company Bio:

Headquartered in the heart of downtown Royal Oak, you will be at the heart of our business – responsible for making calls, targeting potential leads, providing warm leads to our sales team and contributing to the overall success of RPM. Bottom line: the more calls you make, the more leads you produce, the more deals you help land, the more money you will make.
With an unwavering commitment to getting the job done for both our vehicle clients and transportation partners, it is clear that our “relationship first” belief system that is instilled at all levels of the RPM team brings honesty and integrity to every bid, shipment, and relationship we enter into. This way of doing business continues to inspire and motivate the RPM team and is recognized by our customers & carriers, and has become a driving force behind our rapid growth and success.
You will be an integral part of the company’s future, and if you have the drive and determination to work hard and succeed at the pace our company is currently moving at, you will be rewarded with a great career and the opportunity for incredible success.

Learn more at http://www.loadrpm.com/!