Service First Logistics

Company Type: Third Party Logistics

Company Industry: Supply Chain, Logistics

Company Address: 3254 University Drive St. 180 Auburn HillsMI 48326 United States

Company Locations: Auburn Hills, MI Cincinnati, OH

Student Opportunities

Service First Logistics is currently looking for: JuniorSenior and Graduate students!

Service First Logistics is looking to fill a(n): Intership and Full-time positions!

About Service First Logistics

Company Bio:


Service First Logistics, Inc. is an asset based, third party logistics firm focused on technology driven freight management! Our revolutionary transportation management software platform provides real time shipment visibility, a collaborative messaging platform, and paperless document tracking and storage. We have revolutionized how freight is managed. Although we specialize in shipping fresh produce and refrigerated foods; our diverse portfolio is comprised of many facets of temperature controlled goods, dry food goods, paper products, automotive parts, packaging and building materials, container & pallet transfers, and floral products. Our asset arm, SFL Express LLC, provides regional transportation solutions in contract-focused partnerships.

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