What is it ?

Many companies often ask us for a list of our most involved members. In order to successfully reward the efforts of our top members, we have decided to implement a point system to efficiently track and monitor the involvement of our whole membership pool. The members with the most participation points will hold a slot on our Most Involved Members List. Being featured in our semester resume book or acquiring interviews through networking events are a couple benefits of being involved – see more below!

Why is it important?

Due to the vastness of SCMA’s membership body, it is imperative that potential leaders effectively demonstrate their capabilities as members while also proving their involvement within our association. These select individuals represent the most active within SCMA and directly feed to companies for recruitment.Aside from exclusive recognition amongst recruiters, other perks include (but not limited to):

  • Recognition as one of SCMA’s top members
  • A spot in our Resume Book open to all recruiters
  • Most Involved Dinner
  • More to be announced



Points: Social Media Recognition


Points: MSU Portfolio/ Notebook


Points: Page in Top Members Resume Book


Points: SCMA Swag Bag


Points: SCMA Merch


Points: Guaranteed Senior Night Invitation
Points: Free Fall/ Spring Trip

Top 20 Most Involved Members:

Most Involved Members’ Dinner

Most Involved Freshman, Junior, Sophmore, and Senior:

Free membership for next academic year (membership reimbursement for seniors)

Points System

View your points: SCMA Membership Points

For any concerns or questions about their current point total, please email Tinashe Chiduma at chiduma1@msu.edu. Each member must sign in at each event or activity and must be a member to be accurately awarded the proper credit. Points will be earned and awarded as such.

Category Activity Points
General Membership Meetings Attending GMMs prior to SCMA Career Fair 1 / meeting
Attending GMMs after SCMA Career Fair 2 / meeting
Community Service Volunteer Events 3
Start-up Consulting Program 3
Trips Fall Trip 6
Spring Trip 6
Leadership Academy 5


Extra Involvement

Outing, Social Event or Day Trip 2
Holding a Chair Position 6
Participation in the SCM Internal Case Competition 5
General Event Volunteering 3